Update 2.0

Hey again to all citizens of ANINOW.
if you been a frequent visitor on ANINOW, you probably noticed some changes.

  • Sidebar Navigation
  • Ongoing anime page
  • Top ranked anime page
  • Notice page is now officially updates page
  • Privacy & Policy page
  • Disqus added to anime pages and episode pages. Feel free to comment :)
  • Discord chat removed (experimental tech causing issues).
  • Performance improvements, ANINOW should load faster now specially for mobile.
  • Cloud infrastructure changes and improvements
  • Crunchyroll Link are not shown anymore when ANINOW has direct stream links
  • Design improvements:
    • Rating Stars on anime
    • Tablet design improvements
    • Previous and Next buttons
    • More small etc changes...

We hope you like what you see and know that hard work is being done here.
Please support ANINOW so it could at least cover the bills by becoming patrons.
Find links for Discord channel and patreon below.

Regarding air time.
Please understand that air time and online release are 2 different things.
A subbed episode will be released approximately 2.5 hours after air time and can be delayed by
the sub group.

ANINOW does not advertise and the only ads on the website are coming from the external stream links.
ANINOW does not profit from those ads.

Update 1.0

First of all thank you guys for using ANINOW.

ANINOW is a web application which tries to use different sources to create unique platform that the anime community would love.

ANINOW will not display ads of any sorts. The only ads on ANINOW is via episode links which are not ANINOW property and therefor not controlled by ANINOW

Apologies for down time due to heavy upgrades. some of you may have noticed changes and maybe some small down times. ANINOW being upgraded frequently with new feature and recently upgraded the whole cloud infrastructure which resulted in 3 days without SSL and other issues.

Regarding some series that do not have episode links yet, it's work in progress hope you noticed more and more anime available.

Coming features

  • Visual design improvements
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Popular anime page
  • Ongoing anime page
  • Proper announcements page
  • Filters to enhance searching
Future Planned features

Best regards guys :)

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